Palm Capital Group
We're focused on your developing corporate identity while bringing you the best possible funding options.

Palm Capital Group

Palm Capital Group is a diverse global firm providing private and institutional funding to the various markets with offices in West Palm Beach, Florida. Our inception was based on years of building a strong foundation of business relationships and providing necessary expertise to our clients through our decades of combined experience. Formerly Palm Beach Investment Group  established in 2008, we rebranded in 2017 to better focus on our growing market and client base with domestic and international transactions.

Palm Capital’s philosophy is to partner with our clients using clear communication, in a timely fashion with outlined upfront understanding of your needs to maximize your benefit. We know that great companies are built on the principle of treating business colleagues and clients with integrity and respect while working on long term relationships. As a result no up front fees are charged to review your project to bring to the funding approval and we are compensated at the successful closing of your loan.

What we do

Palm Capital Group focuses on your developing corporate identity while bringing the best possible funding options. This while providing sound consulting advice for businesses and individuals involved throughout the funding process. We take an integrated approach that takes into consideration what is most prudent and beneficial for your project and funding needs.

We also have decades of experience in providing Steel building materials from I beams and rebar to piping and towers through our global suppliers. This allows us to structure the highest quality materials at the best possible pricing for our clients.

Some of the property types we fund are:

Hospitality Gaming Letters  of Credit
Multi-Family Office Telecom
Industrial Oil & Energy production Retail/ Mixed Use
Medical Assisted Living Land


What distinguishes us

Palm Capital’s proprietary group of investors and lenders allows us to tailor the funding to the project as opposed to the conventional process of limited options. The programs we provide from our lenders are not shelf products that are typically available on the branch levels. We only work with commercial departments under master agreements in addition to our private equity, Hedge fund’s, family offices and traditional commercial groups for funding.

Our capabilities in transactions make us a valuable asset given our ability to assist with some of the issues that can arise in the financial end of these dealings. The ability to bring our investors to joint venture, bridge loan and bring equity, make our services indispensable at times often achieving higher than typical loan to value capabilities.

There are no up front fees for our service as the terms of each companies needs will require varying degrees of assembling. As a result, each funding request will be reviewed on a case by case basis for our participation in the transaction and agreed to prior to moving forward.